Learn More about Fall Safety Harnesses

When working from height, there is a fall risk present. There are statistics showing that the common cause of injuries and fatalities are the workplace is falling. Because of this, there is a need to protect workers from such fall hazards and guarantee their safety when working from heights. It is recommended that fall arrest harness systems be put in place when working from six feet height or above. 

There are various fall protection systems like full body harnesses and lanyards that would keep workers safe when working from heights. Fall arrest harnesses will only be used when fall occurs. One of the preferred types of fall arrest system is the full body harness that has a retractable lifeline or shock absorbing lanyard. This fall arrest system is usually preferred because the force of the fall will be distributed throughout the body. 

There are several ways on how safety can be assured when working from heights. First, there is a need for inspection of the site and proper planning. You will also need to wear the right and well-functioning personal protective equipment like the fall arrest harness. However, there are many workers working from heights who don’t see the need for wearing such fall arrest equipment. Most of them realize the importance of sustaining injuries during a fall. 

The good thing about a lanyard safety is that the worker will be suspended upright if a fall occurs. The harness will also support the worker as they wait for rescue. A full body harness would prevent the worker from reaching points where the risk of fall is very high or probable. Also, the full body harness would distribute the force throughout the body thereby minimizing the risk of injuries greatly. 

Having a safety harness would be great but it is only useful if worn correctly. Therefore, the most important thing is to ensure that the fall arrest system is properly worn. When worn, ensure that all the buckles are tightened properly. The safety harness should fit well to allow full range movement. 

On the other hand, you need to ensure that your safety harness is functioning well at all times. Therefore, maintenance will be necessary for your fall arrest system. You need to check whether the buckles are in good condition. Also, ensure that the D-ring and the straps are in perfect condition. Wearing a fall arrest system that is not in perfect condition will lower your safety. Your fall risk would actually increase. Get more details here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Guard_rail.